Justin Moore- “Why We Drink”

Justin Moore is one of the most underrated artists in country music. His authentic twang mixed with his incredible vocal range, tone and energetic live show should have catapulted him to super stardom by now. On “Why We Drink,” Justin delivers a song perfect for summertime with a message that most of age Americans can likely relate to.

Justin tells Access, ““I ordered a drink, and then I ordered three, four more,” he recalled. And my mom goes, ‘Why do you drink so much?’ And I go, ‘Hell, I don’t know why I drink so much!’ I like drinking. If my team wins, I drink to celebrate. If my team loses, I drink ’cause I’m bummed out. If a certain song comes on, I drink. So I had this idea to write a song called ‘Why We Drink.’ So, in a roundabout way, my mom gave me the idea.”

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