Selena Gomez – “Look at Her Now”

You may never quite know someone’s so wrong for you until years later. Having put distance in her rearview mirror, pop starlet Selena Gomez takes a second to reflect on the woman she’s become since dating Justin Bieber. “Look at Her Now,” her second single this week alone, vibes hard with dark synthy lace, adorned with dizzying vocal distortions, and a message that pricks the skin.

“It was her first real lover / His too ’til he had another / Oh, God, when she found out / Trust levels went way down,” she spits. Sugary “mmm”s peek through her confessions and pop the confection with a flippant stride. She continues on the pre-chorus, “Of course, she was sad / But now she’s glad she dodged a bullet.”

Cheeks no longer stained, Gomez takes charge over her life and, more importantly, her reaction to the past. “Fast nights that got him / That new life was his problem / Not saying she was perfect / Still regrets that moment,” she sings. She fearlessly owns up to her faults but makes damn sure he doesn’t get off scot free either. The verses are imposing, etched with detail and fierce intent, so the paper thin chorus (if you can call it that) is rather deflating. Even so, “Look at Her Now” is more about her liberation than anything else.

Listen below.

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