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Aubrie Sellers – “Worried Mind”

Anxiety comes in many forms. It can rattle you from a deep slumber or cause you to crash and burn when you least expect it. Aubrie Sellers invites the listener down into the dark, watery depths of her brain with a new song. “Worried Mind” languidly shifts between clashing electric guitars, mimicking the turmoil that continues to bubble and gurgle. “I see people laughing and drinking / All I can think is they’re not thinking with a worried mind,” she sings.

Her voice is slyly bedeviling and heaves beneath the weight of a thousand demons. “If you don’t think ignorance is bliss, then you don’t know a thing about this worried mine,” she later spits into the microphone. Her daring to be so unapologetically fearless in her music is truly empowering. Particularly in these trying sociopolitical times, Sellers is a vision and light at the end of the tunnel for all of us. “Everybody says you gotta get out / I try to have fun, but I don’t know how,” she quietly screams into the endless space.

“Worried Mind” is another sample to her upcoming album, Far From Home, expected everywhere February 7, 2020.

Listen to “Worried Mind” below.

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