Grace Potter – “Everyday Love”

Grace Potter is back and better than ever, ladies and gentlemen! New record, Daylight, her first in four years, stands in irrefutable contrast to 2015’s Midnight, playing on both the personal redemption arc she’s undergone and the refreshing stylistic swerves. A song like “Everyday Love” jingles with a soft country-rock sensibility, a creative choice that would have certainly felt out of place on the pop-centric previous release.

Always gift with a heavenly instrument, Potter’s voice possesses a new level of nuance and restraint. “This ain’t no everyday love / We ain’t no everyday lovers / Don’t matter what came before, all we need is us,” she warbles, opting for a more muted performance. Of course, her snarl is still present, but she manages to pepper it through a song about the uncontaminated rush of true love.

“I had a life I thought was true / ‘Til the moment I met you / Then my heart was broken open like the sky,” she continues to sketch her emotions with lush pastels, rather than penetratingly bright neons. Her heart is even more on her sleeve, pulsating as a string of Christmas lights: “I swear your hands can cure my pain / Your eyes chase the fear away / And your kiss erases all the wasted time.”

Listen to “Everyday Love” below.

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