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Jordan Davis and Julia Michaels – “Cool Anymore”

Julia Michaels is a god-given gift to pop music (see: “Issues,” “Uh Huh”). She’s quirky in her songwriting, and she deft slides across melodies that are always left-of-center. Teaming up with country singer Jordan Davis, her latest collaboration “Cool Anymore” feels devoid of any of her classic charm.

Instead, that off-beat kick is traded in for a more saccharine offering. It’s classically modern radio fodder – “So hold your head up, work the room / Smile like you ain’t nervous / And be the life of every party with all your friends,” Davis opens. Michaels responds on her voice, “Puff your chest, crack a drink with your boys like you like to / And you internalize everything that’s wrong, yeah…”

“Cool Anymore” (written by Michaels, Davis, Nicolle Galyon, Emily Weisband and Ross Copperman) is only a mildly sugary confection. The melody is perfectly sweet, but there’s little else to give you the high you want.

Listen to “Cool Anymore” below.

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