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Allie X – “Regulars”

It’s hard to be seen if you can’t actually be seen. A pop outsider, Allie X is one of those rare storytellers that grips you from the soul, inside-out. She pulls the rip chord of your emotion, and can make you feel literally anything. Her new song “Regulars” sees her stepping outside into the broad daylight with the “regular” people.

“Out in public, ’cause I learned a new trick now,” her words are traced on charcoal paper. Only ghost lines remain as evidence she was even there. She’s both haunting and very real, a figurine of what it means to wander through life as an unknown entity. “Hanging off a building with the regulars,” she loops on the chorus.

“Regulars” (co-written with OZGO and James Ghaleb) is groovy enough for radio, but forlorn enough to adhere to her usual aesthetic. It’s definitely a mood.

Listen to “Regular” below.

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