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Allison Moorer – “Heal”

Allison Moorer was asleep only a few feet away when her father killed her mother and then himself. It was 1986, and she was just 14. The tragedy haunts her to this day – and she dives deep into that fateful day, and the traumatic aftershock, with her new album/memoir both called Blood. Closing song “Heal” is a plea to be absolved of all the pain, the misery, the anger for a chance at redemption.

Piano and light guitar work accompanies her prayer. “Help me lay my weapons down / Help me give the love I feel / Help me hold myself with kindness,” she sings. “And help me heal / Remove all of the false / Show me what is real / Oh Lord, help me heal…” Her voice is surprisingly heavenly, drenched in a very honest yearning for good, and it’s an apt bookend to the grueling mental and physical torture she endured. 33 years have since passed, but it’s like it was yesterday.

Moorer has been tirelessly churning out records for nearly 22 years, and Blood feels like her magnum opus. It’s full of heart and grit and passion – and she just might find the glory she so desperately deserves. “Heal” was co-written with Mary Gauthier, another Americana treasure.

Listen to “Heal” below.

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