ROZES and Mat Kearney – “Walls”

ROZES has a voice that’s commanding, raw and truly affecting. With her new song “Walls,” she links up with singer-songwriter veteran Mat Kearney for a mountainous dissection of current social and political tempers. “It feels so current in today’s world, whether it’s romance, friendship, or family, sometimes we stand on the opposite side of those we love,” ROZES told Blackbook.

“Walls” (co-written by ROZES, Kearney and Patrick Mencel) is much more than that: the three-minute snapshot perfectly captures the urgency, the high-stakes gamble, the disastrous plight in which we are now tangled. Kearney’s reverberating “ooo”s skip in golden orbs behind ROZES’ heaven-bent pleas – warbles that feel weighted with torment, yet hopeful and gleaming in the hope that lies just over our every human border.

“You build them up so tall / You don’t even hear me calling,” she calls, a metaphorical bullhorn aiding the message across time, space and cultures. “Brick by brick, I try to tear them down / But you just stand your ground…”

Listen to “Walls” below.

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