Kesha – “My Own Dance”

Leave it to Kesha to perform “Tik Tok” at this year’s American Music Awards. Produced by he-who-shall-not-be-named, reimagining the song 10-years later was a moment of victory and appropriate bookend to a past life. Now, she’s readying a new record, and the latest taste test “My Own Dance” is as risky and unconventional as she’s ever been.

“My Own Dance” is oddly produced, metal pots banging together in the introduction for the more acoustic-shaped arrangement, and its thread line is less tangible. It’s also far less melodic than her previous release, and album lead-in, “Raising Hell,” but Kesha’s abrasive, off-kilter approach remains its backbone. “Don’t circumcise my circumstance,” she hisses through her teeth. “Hey! I don’t do that dance!”

What’s most evident in her work, beginning with 2017’s Rainbow, is how steeped her lyrics are within personal rebellion. She will always be Kesha – a coyly sexual party girl who believes in aliens and taking big, bold musical risks – and nothing will hold her back.

Listen to “My Own Dance” below.

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