Lemon And Rye – “Half of You”

Billed as a brother and sister country duo, Lemon & Rye – featuring Elizabeth Mencel (known professionally as ROZES, who hit it big on The Chainsmokers-produced “Roses”) – toss folksy roots, shimmering pop production and a distinctly rock guitar and vocal punch into a blender. What they have is their new song “Half of You,” only their second-ever release, and its faintly reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, twinkling echoes reverberating across a rustic soundscape.

“Half of You” is slathered with a radio friendly charm, but there lingers an organic aftertaste. “You got one foot in it,” sings Mencel, lamenting on a lover’s lukewarm commitment. “I don’t want half of you / You got a whole lotta reasons, a whole lotta secrets…”

As mainstream music continues blurring the genre lines, “Half of You” is a ripe piece of rock-country that is universally appealing but indebted to the past. It feels authentic, unfussy and grounded. Lemon & Rye may not be everyone’s cup of sweet tea, but they have enough intrigue to draw you in.

Listen to “Half of You” below.

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