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Candi Carpenter – “Little Sparrow”

We don’t deserve Candi Carpenter. Since the release of 2016’s “Burn the Bed,” which could have been a big ole blockbuster, we’ve been itching for a full-length record. Her debut is yet forthcoming, much to our broken heart, but we do have this tasty little morsel to tide us over. 

Carpenter reimagines Dolly Parton’s “Little Sparrow” with as much grit and lung power as she can muster, and it never feels too much. Everything is always just right. Her deep-throated growl climbs higher and higher and higher until she collapses, metaphorically of course, and her whole heart is on full display.

On the heels of Parton’s 50th Opry Celebration, during which Carpenter covered the song live, she took fans’ advice and recorded a proper version. It’s haunting and breaks the bones, flipping the already-visceral original into a spooky southern gothic tale. “All ye maidens heed my warning / Never trust the hearts of men / They will crush you like a sparrow / Leaving you to never mend,” she whispers.

Listen to “Little Sparrow” below.


Photo courtesy of Said Del Diaz.

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