The Lone Bellow – “Wonder”

Over nearly seven years, Brooklyn’s blues-rock band The Lone Bellow have slowly marched their way to become one of the most fascinating bands in the modern era. From their self-titled debut LP, one of the decade’s finest entries, to 2017’s Walk into a Storm, the three-piece deliver interesting and emotional work.

Their new song “Wonder” has a gentle, throbbing undercurrent that drives the vocals forward. It’s both a calming and pointed performance, containing a threadbare blanket of harmony work – as is their signature. “I need something to hold on to,” singer Zach Williams invites you to reclaim a childhood innocence long eroded by adulthood. Band mates and musicians Kanene Donehey Pipkin and Brian Elmquist extend a helping hand, and the song, which never exactly erupts as you might expect, still punctuates the dying moans of humanity and living.

“I’ve taken every back road I probably shouldn’t take / I’ve wasted my time and let time waste away my days,” Williams continues, wrestling with a subtlety vicious existential crisis. Then, he asks himself, “Should I let go of the wonder? Let go of the wonder…?”

“Wonder” is the latest primer to the band’s fourth album, Half Moon Light, expected early 2020.

Listen to “Wonder” below.

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