Carly Pearce – “It Won’t Always Be Like This”

It’s hard growing up and knowing things must change. Country singer Carly Pearce grapples with her own fading youth on her piano ballad called “It Won’t Always Be Like This,” another sample to her forthcoming self-titled album (out next year). Her voice, angelic as ever, combs through remnants of the past as a way of coping with the fastly-approaching future.

“I can still see the front porch balcony / Every time I leave, Grandpa waving back at me / Wish I coulda told myself back then / It won’t always be like this,” she sings. The opening verse sets the tone, one of great heaviness and reflection. But even as melancholy-laced as it is, there’s a slight hopeful edge.

She knows new things await her at the doorstep. Now, she must gather what she can before she sets out into the horizon. “I know nothing lasts forever,” she says to herself.

Listen to “It Won’t Always Be Like This” below.

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