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‘Black Christmas’ 2019 – “Up in the Frat House”

Black Christmas, as envisioned by film critic/writer April Wolfe and co-writer/director Sophia Takal, confronts campus date rape head-on. Imogen Poots (Green Room) plays Riley, a sorority girl still coping from her sexual assault of three years prior. Together with her house sisters, she takes the stage at a holiday-themed talent show to perform “Up in the Frat House,” a rapist callout to her abuser.

The characters repurpose the Christmas classic “Up to the Rooftop,” written by Benjamin Hanby in 1864, into an empowering clap-back. “Up in the frat house, me and you  And we know what I’m there to do / We’re drinkin’ and kissin’ and what comes next? / You and I have S-E-X,” sings Poots. “Ho ho ho, I wouldn’t know / Ho ho ho, I wouldn’t know / Up in the frat house, there’s one true fact / That is that I got attacked.”

The lyrics are brazen, but that’s the point. “Up in the Frat House” is constructed to make you uncomfortable and detail the tragedy of sexaul assault. “You slipped me a roofie and then your-” the last line stings and it stings hard. Go see Black Christmas!

Listen to “Up to the Frat House” below.

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