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LOVECRAFT – “Naughty & Nice”

We can all use a little Halloween-flavored Christmas. LOVECRAFT – a mysterious collective whose thirst for everything spooky is unmatched – will stuff your stocking with a new holiday song. “Naught & Nice” prances between the organ-fueled macabre and the crisp, fluffy atmosphere of the blessed holiday season, always feeling just a little bit off.

“I’ve been a sinner / But I feel the spirit / I feel the footsteps / Tell me can you hear it / I hope it’s Santa, hope it’s Santa / ‘Cause I can’t tell if Krampus is going to drag me down to hell,” the tenor screeches. In juxtapositioning the blissful innocence of Christmas against the darkness such films as 2015’s Krampus evokes, “Naught & Nice” certainly plays with your emotions. Unsettling and cheerful might be a good way to describe it.

“I don’t know who’s coming for me,” the last line will send a chill. Guaranteed.

Listen to “Naughty & Nice” below.

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