Sam Hunt – “Sinning with You”

Sam Hunt is a perplexing little creature. When “Body Like a Back Road” had commanded the cultural conversion, in and out of country music, in 2017, a full-length album did not follow. What’s more, he disappeared completely off the radar and reemerged with “Downtown’s Dead” (a lackluster offering which fizzled abruptly). More recently, his song “Kinfolks,” a straight pop arrow, entered the Top 10 on Mediabase in November 2019 but hasn’t quite carried the same popularly punch.

With his new release “Sinning with You,” Hunt opts for an acoustic-led ballad in which he juggles faith and burgeoning young love. “I never felt like I was sinning with you / Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning,” he offers. The push and pull of faith stands in a stark comparison to the organic instrument playing against Hunt’s trusty pop-bent production style, swirls that feel familiar yet progressive.

“Sinning with You” unpacks enough of a sultry undercurrent to fit among his catalog so far – somewhere between “Take Your Time” and “Cop Car” – but there’s also hearty emotional weight to remind even his naysayers of his talents. This might be the creative turning point he needs to propel him forward.

Listen to “Sinning with You” below.

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