Semler – “The Werewolf” (demo)

Grace Baldridge is a dark, twisted, hypnotic folk queen. Known professionally as Semler, she combs the haunted, cobwebbed corners of humanity’s abandoned buildings, and a demo of “The Werewolf” is no exception. She manages to send chills down your spine and squeeze tears from your eyes; you won’t be able to stop yourself.

“The bones in my skin / They never, ever seem to fit,” she grinds her teeth. An acoustic guitar in tow, the singer-songwriter wrestles with her true self that seemed to break through her chest in bristled patches of werewolf-like fur. It’s all a metaphor, of course – she’s not a literal werewolf (but how cool would that be!). Her words are baked in both feelings of terror and excitement in reclaiming who you were always meant to be. Now, she stands as a true queer beacon.

Listen to “The Werewolf” demo below.

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