Jessi Alexander – “Mama Drank”

It’s been six very long years since Jessi Alexander’s last album. She’s racked up numerous cuts on albums from Ashley Monroe, Blake Shetlon, and Morgan Wallen – and while all that’s nice and dandy (she’s got bills to pay, ya’ll), we have been itching for what’s to come. Well, that time has come.

With her new single “Mama Drank,” a rather yee-haw appetite whetter, she slides between weepy guitar chords and a bluesy Miranda Lambert stomp to deliver a performance all her own. “Clean, clean, clean that kitchen / Wipe them baby’s tears,” she caterwauls, trying to hold her life together as a working musician, songwriter, and mother of three. “Yeah, I know why my mama drank,” she sings in exasperation and understanding. There’s just something about Alexander’s performance, as she muddles through everyday life to keep her head above water, that really hits you.

Listen to “Mama Drank” below.

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