Halsey – “you should be sad”

Do we really need a Halsey country banger? Well, we don’t need a lot of things, but this is the least of our concerns. Tbh, it slaps. “you should be sad” is far removed from her Badlands days – an underrated pop record with stunning poeticism and personality – but the allure lies in how burning her lyrics remain. “I’m so glad I never, ever had a baby with you,” she stokes the fire with the clap-back to ex-boyfriend G-Eazy.

In the visual, Halsey steals away into a seedy honky-tonk, weaving through the shadows before hitting the dance floor for a hoe-down. “you should be sad” writhes around in a dark-pop texture, an electric guitar’s nails scratching into the production with a visceral weight, and her voice somehow rises with a thick twang. 

The hook is unexpectedly muted, swapping for somber rather than punchy. “I feel so sorry, I feel so sad / I tried to help you, it just made you mad,” she sings – rippling across the melody with ease. “And I had no warning about who you are / I’m just glad I made it out without breaking down / And then ran so fucking far”

Listen to “you should be sad” below.

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