Ashley McBryde – “Martha Divine”

Revenge can be so dang sweet. It’s even sweeter in song. Coming off 2018’s acclaimed Girl Going Nowhere debut, Ashley McBryde is eyeing the follow-up, and she offers up a delicious slice of murder. “Martha Divine” rips through a tale of lust, blood thirst, and dire consequences.

“Evidently, the devil’s busy, so I moved you up in line,” she snarls her lips. Electric guitars gnash their strings as a macabre choir of demons, provoking McBryde to plot a vengeful tale, and it’s both wondrous and brutal. Anger in her eyes, she seeks out her father’s lover, who has wreaked havoc on their family, and the performance soaks in the darkest human emotions. Now, we ain’t saying it’s right or it’s wrong; some things just need a little nudge.

Listen to “Martha Divine” below.

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