Margo Price – “Stone Me”

In this day and age, women continue to come under unwanted fire. Online discourse is especially brutal. Americana vision Margo Price has had enough, however, and she takes back any energy she ever gave her naysayers. “Stone Me” is barbed and relentless, the kind of lyrical poison that’s as combative as it is liberating.

“Call me a bitch / Then call me baby / You don’t know me / You don’t own me,” she sings. She could let each attack on her music and personal life to hurt her, but the sting quickly dissipates just as quickly. She drives it home with this wise, empowering summation: “I won’t be ashamed of what I am / For your judgment day, I don’t give a damn.” Keep hurling those arrows, folks, it won’t break skin like you think it will.

Listen to “Stone Me” below.

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