Dua Lipa – “Physical”

Pop music moves in relentless cycles. The reigning pop stars of even five years ago have waned in popularity, and in their place, a new starlet rises to take their place. Coming off a wildly successful single (“New Rules”), pop’s new queen Dua Lipa is knocking back a new era that promises to be even more forward-thinking than the last.

“Physical” owes a debt to the past (see: Olivia Newton-John’s own “Physical”) but shimmers with a glossy modern giddy-up. “Light out / Follow the noise / Baby, keep on dancing / Like you ain’t got a choice / Come on, come on / Let’s get physical” rings out over a starstruck blanket of synths and ‘80s vibrancy. Lipa rides the retro feel in a way only she can, laying foundation for a promising second act.

Listen to “Physical” below.

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