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Niall Horan – “No Judgement”

Who knew Niall Horan would be the most interesting soloist out of One Direction. 2017’s debut, Flicker, was a singer-songwriter wonderland; each piece rooted with acoustic guitar or other real instruments and building with melodic chomp. Now, he returns with “No Judgement,” which is, at least, just a stepping stone away from his previous endeavors.

“I get us breakfast in the mornin’ / Or you can slip out in the night / You don’t have to give me a warnin’ / ‘Cause we both got nothin’ to hide,” he croons. While his vocal remains warm and inviting, there is little else to enjoy that doesn’t feel like a retread. At the end of the day, the song is fine – but is that what we want our pop music to be? Niall, you’re way better than this.

Listen to “No Judgement” below.

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