Russell Dickerson – “Love You Like I Used To”

Russell Dickerson is in an interesting place right now. Coming off three hit singles, off 2017’s debut LP, Yours, he has just enough momentum to strike with something meaningful and lasting. That seems to be the cast with “Love You Like I Used To,” which feels cut from a similar clothe as “Yours” but richer, emotionally and vocally.

Radio country is, by and large, hit or big ole miss these days. “Love You Like I Used To” walks the balance beam of straight-arrowed mass appeal and a much stronger emotional punch. “What we got ain’t got no ending, like a band of gold / It’s sweeter with time like strawberry wine,” he coos – bookmarking with a nod to Deanna Carter’s classic 1996 smash, “Strawberry Wine.” He adds,  “It gets as good as it gets old.”

Listen to “Love You Like I Used To” below.

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