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Katie Pruitt – “My Mind’s a Ship (That’s Going Down)”

If you don’t know Katie Pruitt’s name, you’re about to. She’s a breakout country act who just dropped her debut album, and her voice slides between rich whispers and mountain-moving roars. Expectations is a vintage-laced splash, and standout “My Mind’s a Ship (That’s Going Down)” will crush you to dust. It’s that magnificent.

Moments before the bridge, Pruitt unleashes such a gutting, Janis Joplin-jolted howl that you may never be the same. But then, the pain surfaces into her lyrical prowess: “Oh, Hollywood has stole my soul / Those city lights swallow me whole / She’s nothing like the models on the screen / No, she’s the realest thing I’ve ever seen….”

Listen to “My Mind’s a Ship (That’s Going Down)” below.

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