Kenny Chesney – “Here and Now”

“My favorite place to be is here and now,” Kenny Chesney powers through a carpe diem spirit with his new song. Breezing past the eardrums, “Here and Now” pulsates in Chesney’s usual, arena-sturdy, salty-island style. The sentiment is not breaking new ground, and musically, it does little to differentiate from his massive catalog.

But it’s a timely piece, in much the same vein as “Get Along,” from 2018’s Songs for the Saints. With the bridge, he eyes a growing unease we all feel – of constantly watching the horizon for what’s next rather than appreciating the present. “Lotta people dreaming ‘bout one day, some day / Waiting just around the bend / I used to be one Wondering when they’d come/ but now I’m living in…”

Listen to “Here and Now” below.

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