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Elohim – “Group Therapy”

Elohim’s 2019 EP, BRAINDEAD, was an essential piece of pop music. It dealt heavily in mental health, depression, and anxiety, and not nearly enough people are talking about it. The electro-pop charmer continues to examine identity and a longing to feel connected with a new song called “Group Therapy.”

She mixes frothy house music with a gummy hook, layering on sloshy coconut vibes and rhythms – and plenty of infectious giggles – into a minty drink. “I have discovered that I need some help / Lookin’ for others just like myself,” she admits on the hook, wrapping the listener in a big ole velvet hug. She goes on: “I just wanna mingle with some people who are just as weird as me / I’m in the mood for group therapy.”

Listen to “Group Therapy” below.

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