Hailey Whitters – “The Faker”

Hailey Whitters is having a moment. Her new album The Dream, her first in five years, sends folk songwriting, a country tear, and a pop glimmer through a prism – and out the other side pops one of the best albums of 2020. Standout “The Faker” is a heart-weary confessional, as she continues to feel the sting of heartache.

“He bought me diamonds / That’s all I’ll say,” she sings. Such an opening line exposes exactly how deep her wounds go. She continues, peeling further layers of her ex-lover’s toxic behavior “They were rhinestones / Plastic and paste / He gave me sugar / Or that’s what I thought / But it was artificial and store-bought…”

She might have been a “sucker for the faker,” but she stands much taller these days.

Listen to “The Faker” below.

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