Matt Jordan – “Outskirts of Grace”

Given the state of the world, it is difficult to juggle obligations, relationships, moral responsibilities, and your own identity in it all. A gravel-soaked voice, Matt Jordan is not sure what he’s trying to find, but his new song seeks for answers. “Outskirts of Grace” is him kneeling at the bedside, hands folded, heart open, as he wrestles with growing uncertainty.

“I’m just searching for a spark,” he pleads more to himself than anything. “But there’s something just passed my headlights / Something in the radio waves / Part of me is desperate for saving / Part of me is set in my ways.” Jordan finds himself drenched in angst, heart-rending pain, but through such a cathartic, honest performance, he soon might find the light he so craves.

Listen to “Outskirts of Grace” below.

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