Rachel Reinert – “Who I Am Right Now”

We all have those existential moments. We question what we could have done differently. More often than not, the path that led us here was the path we always needed to trod. Singer-songwriter Rachel Reinert, of Gloriana fame, examines her journey with a song called “Who I Am Right Now,” an essential introspect cut from her solo debut.

Reinert’s Into the Blue impresses with expressive songwriting and sharp wisdom. On “Who I Am Right Now,” she stumbles through “breaks and bends” to come closer to self-understanding. “If my plans had all gone perfect / My heart would’ve never had to grow from hurting / And if I never started searching / I’d still be somewhere out there floating on the surface,” she asserts on the chorus. Therein lies the crux of her journey: she wouldn’t be the same without the pain. It only took now to realize that.

Listen to “Who I Am Right Now” below.

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