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Bowman – “I Wanna Be That Guy”

Bowman’s got a bellow to him. “I Wanna Be That Guy” feels indebted to the 1990s — musically connected to the likes of Clint Black but firmly planted amidst such contemporaries as Chris Young. His new cut is a sweetly plaintive mid-tempo, one of great yearning. “I guess I’m going to toss and turn / This whole damn night again,” he wrestles right from the start.

But his emotional troubles are just beginning. “I wanna be that guy / That takes that sunset ride / With you forever mine / Story over, credits colling,” he sings. His words are simple, but sometimes, simple is better. Bowman’s voice is thick, enticing you into his story of pain and doubt, and you stay for the universal appeal.

Listen to “I Wanna Be That Guy” below.

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