Wallows – “OK”

Wallows is one of the grooviest new bands around. In the age of social distancing, we all need a little bit of musical medicine. Their new song “OK” goes down smooth, even if it isn’t especially thrilling, at least in comparison to their 2019 studio set. Nothing Happens was an exciting debut, combining sun-bleached pop with indie-rock tidal-waving.

“OK” is fine. It hits all the right musical beats for which they’re known, but it often feels lifeless and a retread on a style they’ve already mastered (and done way better). The lyrics here are the real showcase. “If we know we love each other, what’s the concern? / Found with or without separation is what I’ve learned / I’d wait for an hour, or I’d wait for a year,” juggles frontman Dylan Minnette. Well, maybe we’ll wait for the next release.

Listen to “OK” below.

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