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Orville Peck – “Summertime”

It’s always a good time for Orville Peck. Lifted out of a dreamy Roy Orbison soundscape, Peck’s irresistible smolder tenderly drapes across silky melodies of yore. His new entry continues building off his debut album and shoots through the atmosphere as a meteor plummeting to earth. “Summertime” is not far removed from his previous work, but it emits a special kind of spark.

“You and I / Bide our time / And I miss summertime,” he muses. He allows his heart to flutter on a somber, moody breeze. He’s wistful, as often is his way, and he exposes his insecurities about the future and if he’ll ever recover from that one true summer romance. It’s now only a heartbreak in his rearview, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

Listen to “Summertime” below.

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