Elle Winter – “Yeah, No”

Elle Winter is a fierce one. Her new song “Yeah, No,” anchoring her new EP of the same name, fires on all cylinders as one of 2020’s best spit-fire takes. “Thinking that I’m spending my time home alone crying / Wondering why-ing,” she sings. Initially, she sets the stage for a more muted, chill-pop performance, and unexpectedly rips the roof off with the hook.

“Wishing that you were still mine / Yeah, no / Yeah, no / Stop thinking I miss you / Don’t, I don’t / It never was an issue / So let go,” she breaks her heart in two. It’s the kind of hyper-stylized electro-pop Kim Petras and Ava Max are known to conjure. Now, Winter tosses her bedazzled hat into the ring to leave a remarkable imprint. No? Yeah.

Listen to “Yeah, No” below.

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