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Tenille Townes – “The Most Beautiful Things”

On the heels of a new EP, Tenille Townes drops a new one-off single that further illustrates her strength as a poet. “The Most Beautiful Things” pays big emotional dividends, a piano performance that focuses on the things most cherished in life.

“I’ve seen the sun crash into the ocean / And paint the sky purple and pink / I’ve seen a star shoot out of the night / And burn up before I could blink,” she offers up vivid images on the first verse. Later, she turns it around, singing, “So why do we close our eyes / When we pray, cry, kiss, dream? / Maybe the most beautiful things in this life are felt and never seen.” Those moments of raw vulnerability, whether when we’re alone or with someone else, are perhaps what life is truly made of. Such songs burn right to the soul.

Listen to “The Most Beautiful Things” below.

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