Jaida Dreyer – “Under Pressure”

It’s been seven years since Jaida Dreyer’s debut album. Seven years! She’s certainly been hustling in that timeframe – from landing a major cut with Luke Bryan to writing for ABC’s Nashville to competing on USA Network’s Real Country. This week, she lands with a smokey rendition of “Under Pressure,” first recorded by Bowie & Queen in 1981.

As is her songwriting way, she keeps the bones of the original intact while fleshing out a heartier, more twang-inflected direction. “Pressure pushing down on me / Pressing down on you, no man ask for / Under pressure that burns a building down,” she sings. “Splits a family in two / Puts people on streets.” Those lyrics settle amidst the dust of a world in dire straits, and Dreyer could not offer a more undeniable performance. It’ll warm your heart.

Listen to “Under Pressure” below.

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