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Carl Anderson – “27 Years”

If we’re lucky, we can live a good life full of adventure. Singer-songwriter Carl Anderson takes an existential breather with his song “27 Years,” bookending his new EP, You Can Still Call Me Carl (Additional Content for the Algorithm). Within the deceptively-breezy tune, pinned with piano and soft percussion, he questions his journey and how much time he actually has left.

“Most nights, I end up lying wide awake / Wondering where I’m going / Or if I’ll ever make / Something of myself,” he admits. Hushed sonic tones bunch up around him, and yet he barely fights against it. Anderson’s voice keeps trucking in the rising floodwaters, and the performance is as cool as it is scorching. For now, he proposes to the listener their own resolve in this very strange human existence.

Listen to “27 Years” below.

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