Will Hoge – “The Curse”

Will Hoge’s voice is unmistakable. His voice is both gravel-soaked and warm like caramel. It goes down smooth, yet you won’t soon forget it. His new song “The Curse,” sampling a new album called Tiny Little Movies, considers a new relationship’s potential in breaking his bad habits.

“You drug me into something so true / But here I am just wandering round with my head in the clouds,” he admits at the start. The rock ‘n roll purr beneath him propels him forward, as he grapples with what the future could hold. “I fell down faster than I could hear the sound / Of your voice on the phone telling me things / That I should’ve already known when I was just an innocent kid,” he sings. The plunge into the unknown may just be enough for him to course correct; time is already on his side.

Listen to “The Curse” below.

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