The Aces – “My Phone is Trying to Kill Me”

Pre- or post-quarantine, we’ve got a tech problem. Phones are nothing more than dark mirages of the worst of humanity; just check Twitter on any given day. Pop four-piece The Aces explore the mind-warping nature of reality, phones glued to our hands without a way out. With “My Phone is Trying to Kill Me,” a gummy, deceptively shimmering track, the band feels the push and pull, like a twisted game of tug-o-war, and the fall is severe and abrupt.

“Trying to live in the moment / I check that screen just one more time…” they smack on the hook. The layers bubble up in thick, sweltering blisters, and their vocals are somehow icy and bitter. “There’s a monster in my pocket.”

Listen to “My Phone is Trying to Kill Me” below.

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