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Caro – “When All My Friends Move Away”

Existential dread comes in waves. Caro’s piano-based new song “When All My Friends Move Away” is forlorn and muted, a soft-spoken performance that is more about the mood than a power-pop hook. “When all my friends move away / Leaving me for LA / Say that they’ll keep in touch / But they won’t miss me much,” she peels the layers of her melancholy one-by-one.

The hook scorches and drains you, provoking a sense of your own impending Imposter Syndrome. “Everybody’s dreams coming true but mine / Could I not keep up, am I falling behind?” she cries out. “Now I’m falling behind / And everybody’s dream’s coming true but mine.”

Caro’s exposing performance is damn haunting.

Listen to “When All My Friends Move Away” below.

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