Katy Perry – “Daisies”

I guess we were out of our mind to think this era was DOA. Last year’s “Never Really Over” was a banger, making the several follow-ups a bit lackluster. But now, Katy Perry returns to top form with “Daisies,” a guitar-based track which quickly erupts like fireworks. It’s musical textures and colorful spirals, like tossing cans of paint at a bare wall, tug you along one of her finest pop tracks of her career.

“Daisies” seeks to discard the shame her many detractors have instilled within her –  that her dreams are worthless. Perry stands her ground, climbs higher up the peak, and screams her lungs out, reclaiming her dignity. “Told them your dreams, and they all started laughing,” she laments. “I guess you’re out of your mind til it actually happens.”

Listen to “Daisies” below.

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