Rayvon Owen – “Bedroom”

A voice of heavenly water, Rayvon Owen, known for his run on American Idol’s 14th season, satiates all desires, musical and otherwise, with his new song “Bedroom,” off his Las Virginia EP. He entices, sliding across the melody with acrobatic precision, and you won’t be able to say no. 

“I can feel it coming, making room for the time being,” he whispers into your ear. “I don’t really want forever, but I don’t want this night to end…” He has a magical touch, trading the straight-ahead pop of “Gold” for a more silky, enveloping tone. “All up in my bedroom / You got me contemplating,” he confides “I can’t even explain it / You’re in and out I’m faded.”

Listen to “Bedroom” below.

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