VINCINT has a god-like power. His voice can fit snuggly with intimate, bedside confessionals, rip your heart out (and then to shreds), and get your fist-pumping high in the air. “Be Me” mixes all three into a perfect early-summer rainstorm. “Was hiding away / For a minute I was thinking that I couldn’t be saved,” he admits on the opening line.

He fiercely confronts his fears, a past that could have forever haunted him, and looks to the skies (and his fellow LGBTQ+ comrades) for redemption. “That’s all I need / A reminder that I could be free,” he sings. As the chorus hooks into your chest, refusing to let you, you witness the beauty and catharsis he soon uncovers. “To turn in the pain / Just let go of the feeling.”

Listen to “Be Me” below.

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