Lauren Eylise – “Bad Choices”

Lauren Eylise first caught attention with 2019’s “Peaks & Valleys,” a more gospel-filtered baptismal. Now, with “Bad Choices,” she guns for a bluesiers, grungier, and more sharp-toothed bonfire. Her vocal prowess remains intact, but she reloads on the funkier overtones. “I stalked your moves / Like why you ain’t call me today?” she bares her fangs. “You’re so rude / But I like my men that way.”

“Bad Choices” is tantalizing, as she plays with her many desires and fantasies. And the webby, darkly-laced throwback structure gives her more license to show off her every vocal move. “I’m making bad choices,” she sings, matter of fact. She’s simply a queen. 

Listen to “Bad Choices” below.

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