Charley Crockett – “Welcome to Hard Times”

We’re all just gambling, buying our time, and waiting out the odds. They’re always stacked against us, but we soldier through it. Quite the bluesman, singer-songwriter Charley Crockett serves up a reminder of such an existence with his dirt-scootin’ new song “Welcome to Hard Times,” a saloon-spun title cut to his forthcoming album.

“Life’s a casino / I’m telling you,” he starts in on the cold, hard truth. “And everybody’s playing, boys and girls, women, children, me and you / The dice are loaded / And everything’s fixed.” He doesn’t even try to console you (what would be the good in that); he states how tiresome, and perhaps grim, life is, in an enticing, matter-of-fact way. You can’t help but nod your head in agreement.

Listen to “Welcome to Hard Times” below.

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