Cassidy Lynn – “Wildflower”

Cassidy Lynn’s voice stampedes across the prairie. It’s soaring but still tethered to the earth. With “Wildflower,” she admits she’s quite “untamed,” she coos. “I’m no stranger to the rain / A little late to the game / But I’ll get there.”

As pristine, even ethereal, as she is, the pain, hurt, and desire to be heard weighs her down. “I’m a wildflower / Just a seed castaway by the wind,” she unpacks all the heartache swollen in her soul. “Left to grow where I land, wherever that may be.” She’s a tumbleweed in much the same way as Hailey Whitters, both outstanding talents trying to make sense of the world and find their rightful place. There’s plenty of room for both.

Listen to “Wildflower” below.

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