Gone West – “What Could’ve Been” (Acoustic)

Expect Gone West to really leave a dent when the release their debut. Canyons is a sunny pop-country record with harmonic weight, lyrical whimsy, and smokey vocal performances. A Top 30 hit single, “What Could’ve Been” is only scraping the surface, but with a new acoustic version, the four-piece continue to impress.

“We left blood the on the tracks / Sweat on the saddle / Fire in the hills / A bullet in the barrel / Words never said in a story that didn’t end,” the band ─ of Colbie Caillait, Justin Young, Nelly Joy, and Jason Reeves ─ depict on the chorus. Such passion burns through the tears, and perhaps only booze can calm the firestorm.

Listen to “What Could’ve Been” (acoustic) below.

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