Amy Shark – “Everybody Rise”

Amy Shark’s Love Monster was an absolute blockbuster of bangers. Her 2018 debut was a long time coming, and it was well worth it. Her songwriting is like a wolf with sharp fangs glistening in the moonlight; she’s insightful, and she’s not afraid to call out the bullshit. With her return, a song called “Everybody Rise” she digs her teeth into worship culture and how we (all of us) make god-like idols out of ordinary people.

“I get it I’m not in your league, too hot / Help me make it stop / God, have mercy on me,” she crumbles to her knees. Her voice remains thick as velvet, but there’s a vulnerability and sorrow she uses in equal amounts to hook the story. It’s true, you often forget celebrities are just people — people who hurt sometimes.

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