Michael Franti – “Good Shit Happens”

It’s difficult to stay mentally present and focused these days. Dark times seem to permeate every inch of life, but music can still be healing. Michael Franti’s new album Work Hard and Be Nice is such a record, stacked with hopeful, beach-baked songs about life. “Good Shit Happens” is perhaps the most astute, as he observes the bad shit but remembers he at least woke up breathing today.

My car broke down today, and I tried to call AAA / Dropped my phone down on the pavement / A car ran over it and there my day went,” he details, with a gleam in his eyes. But he’s not about to let a few bumps deter him from celebrating what he does have. “If there’s just one thing that I could share with you / Is that bad shit happens, but good shit happens, too,” he promises. Let the good times roll!

Listen to “Good Shit Happens” below.

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