Eric Church – “Stick That in Your Country Song”

You can always expect Eric Church to get fired up. His new song “Stick That in Your Country Song” is especially ferocious, as he seemingly calls out an industry built on feel-good anthems that climb the chart without any barriers. “Take me on up to Detroit city / Jails are full, the factories empty,” he sings. With eerie guitar chords creaking beneath him, there’s something utterly powerful in his messaging.

Even if he remains vague, simply outlining social issues with a spitting, fire-laced vocal, you can read between the lines. “Mommas crying, young boys dying / Under that red white and blue still flying,” he remarks. His venom is well-earned, and in the inevitable musical crescendo, he lets it drip down to the root. “Stick that in your country song, yeah / Take that one to number one.”

Listen to “Stick That in Your Country Song” below.

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